Ballerina Bear Reward Stickers


Hip Hop Hippo Reward Stickers are motivational, fun, and will provide the sense of fulfilment creates loyalty and an additional reason to return classes.

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Why do I need them?

The reward stickers accompany the Reward Charts, Using Ballerina Bear Reward Charts at your school has several benefits. In particular, a rewards chart is motivational, fun, and will provide the child with a sense of fulfilment. As a benefit to the school, reward charts create loyalty. This loyalty provides an additional reason for the child to to return to class each week and continue their development.

What does it consist of?

The Stickers come as an A4 page with 28 on the page. They are sold in packs of 3, 18 and 60 pages (totalling 84, 504 or 1,680 stickers).

How does it work?

When a child attends a class and participates in the syllabus they earn a sticker. Additional stickers can be given for good behaviour if wanted. Once the reward chart has been successfully completed, we recommend that the child is rewarded with a medal. This provides further recognition of the child’s achievement. In turn this helps to positively reinforce their accomplishment of attending all the classes and successfully completing the terms’ syllabus. The medals (sold separately) are available in a variety of bright colours. We recommend that the medals are issued at the end of the term.

What are the additional benefits?

Pictures of your child students proudly holding their charts and medals is a great promotional tool too. with the correct permissions to post images, the pictures will receive lots of likes, comments and shares – all of which are great for improving your social presence and organic advertising!

Ballerina Bear Reward Stickers packs are available in three bundle sizes: Basic Pack, Class Pack and Mega Pack! We provide all the packs with free shipping and the price per chart is discounted when you order larger packs.

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Basic Pack (3 pages (84) ), Class Pack (18 pages (504)), Mega Pack (60pages (1680))


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