Ballerina Bear Trophies


Hip Hop Hippo Medals are motivational, fun, and will provide the sense of fulfilment creates loyalty and an additional reason to return the following term.

They are available in a variety of lanyard colours to match the charts or of a different colour to mix things up!

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Why do I need them?

Ballerina Bear Trophies are the highest of praises for students! Nothing emphasises success and achievement more than a big shinny trophy. It’s almost guaranteed that at the child’s age they will not have received one before. The medals are give the child an opportunity to wear an ear to ear smile, a trophy does exactly the same but BIGGER! from experience the parents will be wearing a similar smile. (which in turn is great for us teachers too, it’s incredibly rewarding to see such enthusiasm for an accolade that you have awarded)

As with the medals, this provides a great photo opportunity, which results in free social media advertising. The social media reach of a child posing with a big trophy, shared by all his/her relatives is phenomenal.

What does it consist of?

The ballerina bear trophies very slightly from term to term, but in general, they have the logo in the centre and enough space for the the engraved plate which confirms the reason for reward e.g. “Most Improved Dancer”

How does it work?

Ballerina Bear Trophies are allocated as the teacher sees fit. In our experience, two trophies each term is a good number, this means that the “award ceremony” isn’t too long and also you should have an opportunity to issue a trophy to all the students in a class if they attend for the maximum duration that’s possible for them.

The trophies support the other achievement recognition systems that are in place:

Stickers allocated to their reward charts each week.

Completed reward charts earn a Certificate and a Medal

In addition to and at the point of issuing the medals and certificates a trophy can be given at the teachers discretion

All the achievement recognition systems have been designed to encourage the return of the student: each week, each term and the following year! All supporting and nurturing the Childs love of dance which funnels students into other dance classes held at your school.

What are the additional benefits?

Pictures of your child students proudly holding their trophy are great social media exposure and therefore advertising. With the correct permissions to post images, the pictures will receive lots of likes, comments and shares – all of which are great for improving your social presence and organic advertising!

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Most improved of the week, Dancer of the week, Most improved of the term, Dancer of the term


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