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Hip Hop Hippo (**DTW Special**)


In our classes, the little girls and boys will dive into the world of funky street moves, grooving to the latest music. They’ll have the chance to unleash their creativity and enhance their coordination skills. Hip Hop Hippo will lead the way, sharing exciting adventures and stories with the children, accompanied by action-packed songs set to original music. The children absolutely adore this class. It’s truly inspiring to see their confidence grow as they engage, exchange high-fives with Hip Hop Hippo, and connect with their classmates.

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Key points

Lifetime Licenses: While other providers offer annual licensing for similar syllabus products, Dancing Dots provides lifetime licenses for purchased syllabuses. No need to worry about annual renewal fees!

Cost-Effectiveness: Competitors’ syllabus courses often come with hefty upfront costs. With Dancing Dots, not only do you get a lifetime license, but you’ll also save significantly compared to annual subscription models.

Savings: When you factor in the lifetime license versus annual subscriptions, the savings are undeniable. You’ll save money in the long run with Dancing Dots.

Optional Enhancements: While options to enhance your classes/syllabus will be available at additional cost, these are entirely optional and additional. We take pride in not pressuring our customers into add-ons – your satisfaction is our priority.

Created by Dance Teachers: Our syllabus has been meticulously crafted by dance teachers who understand the needs of businesses like yours. Our motivation is to support dance school businesses and our industry as a whole.

No Overpricing: Unlike some competitors, we are not interested in monetizing this syllabus offering to “market value.” We believe in providing fair and affordable solutions to dance educators.

Choose Dancing Dots for cost-effective, lifelong support for your dance school business!

Age Range

Our classes are tailored for budding dancers aged 2-5 years, catering to their developmental stages and interests.

You can split classes into three age brackets:

  • 2-3 Years
  • 3-4 Years
  • 4-5 Years

Alternatively, if your classes are small, you can teach all age groups together.

“It’s truly inspiring to observe the enthusiasm of the little dancers as they engage with Hip Hop Hippo and their classmates.”

The Package

Included in the package:

  • Lifetime license to teach Hip Hop Hippo
  • Full downloadable syllabus
  • Complete access to the Hip Hop Hippo brand and logo
  • Original music tracks for class – no music license required (PRS)

“Never plan a lesson again with our comprehensive syllabus, brought to you by Dancing Dots!”